Pet Dental Care

Proper Pet Dental Care

Unlike humans, cats, dogs, and other pets cannot brush their teeth. Since pets do not eat as many sugary foods as humans, they often suffer fewer dental issues. Many pet dental issues can still arise, so pet dental care is still very important. Fortunately, our team at Brighton Veterinary Hospital in New Brighton provides pet teeth cleaning services and takes care of all of your pet’s dental needs.


Why Professional Pet Dental Care is Needed

Humans should brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time to prevent cavities and other dental issues. Even if you spend all of that time brushing, you can still suffer from cavities, gum infections, and other problems. Pets do not typically require their teeth to be brushed every day. Part of this is due to diet. Since pets eat less sugar, they are less likely to suffer from cavities and other issues. Unfortunately, pets can still suffer from serious dental issues that require treatment.

Pets do not live as long as humans. While humans must keep their teeth in top shape for decades, dogs and cats simply do not live that long. Even if their teeth slowly degrade over time, their teeth are often in good enough condition to still last for their entire lifespan. That said, pet dental care and professional teeth cleaning can help reduce the risks of serious issues. Our veterinarian will act as a dentist for your pet, removing plaque, watching for infections, and prescribing treatment. So make sure you bring your dog, cat, or other pet to our animal hospital for regular check-ups and cleaning.

Pet Teeth Cleaning and Other Treatment Options

Our veterinarian will use a toothbrush and special pet toothpaste to clean your pet’s teeth. Some animals are wary of being touched on the mouth, but many vets know how to relax and calm pets. This reduces the risk and allows our veterinarian to ensure that your pet’s teeth are properly cleaned. You can also talk with our vet about at-home teeth cleaning treatments. Often, special chew toys and treats can be used to clean your pet’s teeth, no brushing needed. This makes it easier for both pet owners and their pet companions.

Pet Teeth Cleaning in New Brighton, MN

Properly cleaning your pet’s teeth takes a lot of practice. Fortunately, our veterinarian at Brighton Veterinary Hospital has helped countless pets and their owners with dental issues and other medical concerns. Our veterinarian serves New Brighton, St. Paul, Columbia Heights, Fridley, Mounds View, Spring Lake Park, Arden Hills, Shoreview, Roseville, St. Anthony, and surrounding areas. Call us today at 651-636-1063 to schedule an appointment with our vet.

How to Simply Brush Your Dog or Cats Teeth


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